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This place is pretty good I love the food there but I will no longer be ordering due the the high fees for delivery. I want to order lunch for me but they now require a 30 dollar minimum plus a 5 dollar fee for delivery and I don't need 30 dollars worth of food for lunch. Sorry Oompa love your food but this is just not right for people that just need lunch. If you put it back to what it was 10 dollar minimum then I will order again.


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Holy pork adobo, Batman! This Filipino food was awesome! It really reminded me of being back in my Grandma's kitchen. The pork adobo was tender and the sauce tasty. The garlic rice was awesome! Great garlic taste without it being overpowering and the lumpia was crispy without being overcooked. Give this place a try you won't be disappointed!


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I'm a Filipina from California.. and the food is SPOT on, tastes just like my mom's cooking! And finally for the first time I feel like there's a piece of home here!


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Cheap and excellent. Food was a little late, but quality more than made up for it. Will definitely be ordering again, assuming they stay in my delivery range.


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The Loompyas are soooo delicious. They are little egg rolls that satisfy my cravings. You should get some now. Right now!

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